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Monkey Nutrients - Bloom A&B


What are Monkey Nutrients – Bloom A&B?

Monkey Nutrients – Bloom A&B are a plant base nutrition that is essential for the plant’s growth ability throughout its entire life. It is developed and made in the UK by UK growers after testing every other plant nutrition in the market and choosing the best quality ingredients to stand out from the competition.

What is the use of Monkey Nutrients – Bloom A&B?

Monkey Nutrients – Bloom A&B is a plant base feed that is tailored especially for the developing phase of fruit and flowers of the plant. It contains all the 17 essential nutrients with its ratios tailored to drop the Nitrogen level and to increase Potassium and Phosphorus levels to provide the plants with the ultimate support in the flowering phase.

How do Monkey Nutrients – Bloom A&B work?

Monkey Nutrients – Grow A&B contain high levels of Potassium and Phosphorus which are crucial for supporting the flowering phase. Phosphorus is used for energy transfer and using light energy for metabolic processes. Potassium helps regulate these processes and interfere in other processes with Phosphorus as well, these processes affect plant’s growth especially during the blooming phase. Also Monkey Nutrients – Bloom Part B contains beneficial bacteria and stimulants that increases the availability of mineral-derived elements.

Why would I need Monkey Nutrients – Bloom A&B?

Monkey Nutrients – Bloom is separated into parts A and B to increase stability and shelf life and also to avoid any unwanted chemical reactions between the elements that can change in their nature. It is specially designed for UK water and is ideal for soft and hard water areas. Monkey Nutrients – Bloom A&B contain the finest quality mineral elements which become more bioavailable when chemically ionized. In addition to the biostimulants that work with the mineral elements to increase nutrient absorption.  

Description and components:

  • pH stable
  • Made and developed in the UK
  • To be used with any grow medium
  • To be used with any irrigation system
  • Contains 17 essential nutrients for the plant.

How to use Monkey Nutrients – Bloom A&B?

  • Monkey Nutrients – Grow A&B comes in a high concentration and it has to be diluted.


Ø  week 1 >> 25ml/10 litre

Ø  week 2 >> 30ml/10 litre

Ø  week 3 >> 30ml/10 litre

Ø  week 4 >> 30ml/10 litre

Ø  week 5 >> 35ml/10 ltre

Ø  week 6 >> 35ml/10 litre

Ø  week 7 >> 35ml/10 litre

Ø  week 8 >> 30ml/10 litre


Ø  week 1 >> 35ml/10 litre

Ø  week 2 >> 40ml/10 litre

Ø  week 3 >> 45ml/10 litre

Ø  week 4 >> 50ml/10 litre

Ø  week 5 – week 8 >> 55ml/10 litre


Monkey Nutrients - Bloom A&B

The Monkey’s Bloom A+B follows on perfectly from the vegetative phase to the flowering period. Minimising stress and increasing nutrient uptake, it gets your plants ready for maximum flower and fruit formation.

Made by growers, Monkey knows the importance of proper nutrition throughout a plants life-cycle. All elements are of equal significance through your plant’s different stages of development, but the ratios required for perfect plants changes as they grow and bloom. 

Monkey Bloom A+B takes all the essential elements and puts them into just the right proportion, so your plants can achieve the heaviest fruits and most fantastic blooms. 
  There’s no monkeying around with different nutrients for your method of growing either, just a solid Monkey A and Monkey B Bloom for increased flower sites and dense fruits throughout the flowering period.

When your plants are on our Monkey Bloom A+B, you will be the true king of the bloome