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Maxibright LightWave T5


Maxibright LightWave T5

The Maxibright Lightwave T5 is the perfect propagation light, it’s a cost-effective way to nurture seedlings and cutting on into the early veg stage.

The Maxibright Lightwave T5 fixture comes fitted will cool blue fluorescent tubes ideal for early vegetative growth, however, the unit is versatile and its light spectrum can be tailored by fitting red spectrum T5 fluorescent tubes, if you want you can mix red and blue lamps giving you a dual spectrum fixture. The fluorescent tube is housed in a sturdy metal case with two hanging points for easy positioning, internal reflectors are positioned and shaped to direct maximum light from each tube downwards toward plants.

Maxibright Lightwave T5 has some uses, it can be used as a sole light source for propagation and the early veg stage, a booster in later vegetative growth or as supplementary lighting in the flowering cycle Horticultural lamp light output will decrease with use. We recommend that growers replace lamps at regular intervals to maintain optimum yields. 

Note – After the Maxibright LightWave T5 is switched on it will run hot. Before handling, fixtures should be switched off, disconnected and allowed to cool down. All T5 lamps need to be handled with care, avoid touching the lamp and particular, care must be should taken when using sprays or liquids around hot lamps as this may cause failure or explosion.

Contents – 1 x Maxibright LightWave T5 Fixture (including cool blue fluorescent tubes).