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Maxibright Daylight CMH/CDM Reflector

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Maxibright Daylight CMH/CDM Reflector

The Maxibright Daylight  CMH/CDM Reflector is a parabolic aluminium design, this style of reflector is often referred to as a closed-end, meaning that HID lamps are surrounded on all sides by reflector walls forcing all light to be reflected downwards towards plants. Photometric Laboratory testing has shown that this design can increase light intensity by up to 50% compared to an open design.

The Maxibright Daylight CMH/CDM Reflector is popular with growers because of its high-quality construction and its ability to increase yields compared with a standard Euro Reflector.

The closed-end reflector has a highly reflective dimpled surface area, which allows light to be reflected evenly to give a uniform spread of light with fewer hot spots. The ceramic lamp holder provided is heat resistant and is positioned horizontally. The reflector comes fitted with a PGZ18 lamp holder making it suitable to run the Philips 315w MASTERColour CDM Elite (Blue) lamp and the 315w Philips MASTERColour CDM Agro (red) lamp.

Note – Suitable for use with lamps fitted with the PGZ18 lamp fitting. (Philips CDM lamps)