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Maxibright Daylight Digital 315w CDM Agro (red) Kit


The Daylight 315w Digital Ballast is build to the high standards demanded by Maxibright and perfectly match’s your Philips 315w CDM Lamp. It’s compact, runs at a low temperature and has auto reset, and soft start technology as well as being lightweight.

•    Our top selling ballast designed by leading manufacturer Maxibright
•    Thermal and short-circuit cut out
•    Soft Start technology
•    End of Lamp life detection
•   First Class Maxibright build qualit4

Maxibright Daylight 315w CDM Digital Ballast

The Daylight 315 ballast is used specifically to power the Philips MASTERColour CDM Elite (blue) and Agro (red) lamps, which produces excellent PAR output per watt of power consumed.

The ballast is ideal for powering lamps that produce a light spectrum that is as close as possible to natural daylight. This full spectrum light produces plants with improved branch internodes (closer together) and thicker branches, this more natural light spectrum will help prevent plants from stretching and produces high-quality growth that will improve final yields.

The Maxibright Daylight 315w CDM ballast uses 1.5 amp low-frequency square wave technology to power a lamp that will match if not surpass a 600w HID light in yields and quality. The low heat output also means that lights can be positioned closer to plants. The Daylight 315w CDM ballast is a significant step forward in HID technology reducing power consumption, producing less heat and creating a fuller light spectrum that goes on to create high-quality high yielding healthy plants.

Note – Digital ballasts run much cooler than magnetic ballast but can still be warm so should be located on a firm flat surface (not carpet) in a well-ventilated area. The Maxibright Daylight 315w CDM ballast will only power the Philips MASTERColour CDM Elite (blue) and Agro (red) lamps.

Maxibright Daylight (Supernova) Reflector

 The Maxibright Daylight Reflector is a parabolic aluminium design, this style of reflector is often referred to as a closed-end, meaning that HID lamps are surrounded on all sides by reflector walls forcing all light to be reflected downwards towards plants. Photometric Laboratory testing has shown that this design can increase light intensity by up to 50% compared to an open reflector design.

The Maxibright Supernova Reflector is popular with growers because of its high-quality construction and its ability to increase yields compared with a standard Euro Reflector. The closed-end reflector has a highly reflective dimpled surface area, which allows light to be reflected evenly to give a uniform spread of light with fewer hot spots. The ceramic lamp holder provided is heat resistant and is positioned horizontally. The reflector comes with an E40 adapter making it suitable to run both the Philips 315w MASTERColour CDM Elite (Blue) lamp and the 315w Philips MASTERColour CDM Agro (red) lamp.

Contents – 1 x Maxibright Supernova Reflector with 3m IEC cord

1 x HID Light Adapter E40 – (Philips Daylight 315w)

Note –        Suitable for use with HPS, MH and Philips CDM lamps

315w Philips MASTERColour CDM Agro (red) lamp

The 315w Philips MASTERColour CDM Agro (red) Lamp has a lumen output of 36000 the majority of which is in the red part of the spectrum making them ideal for flowering creating plants with densely packed fruits and flowers setting them on a course to heavy yields.

The Philips 315w lamp is a special lamp because of its exceptionally high PAR output and its extra long life (20000 hrs.) the intensity of this lamp is noticeably brighter than HPS equivalents. The near Daylight colour spectrum given by this lamp will produce high yielding and healthy plants because plants have evolved with the broad spectrum of light wavelengths provided by natural sunlight.

With traditional HPS and Metal Halide lighting, red and blue wavelengths are enhanced to promote different growth stages such as vegetative and flowering. While this is beneficial, plants grown under a full spectrum throughout their growth cycle benefit from a more natural quality of light proven to prevent stretching and encourage higher quality growth.

Daylight spectrum also allows a more natural formation of branch internodes (less far apart) for increased plant mass. Horticultural lamp light output will decrease with use. It’s recommended that growers replace lamps at regular intervals to maintain optimum yields. Note – As soon as lamps are switched on they will run extremely hot. Before handling, lights should be switched off the ballast disconnected and allowed to cool down. All high-intensity lamps need to be handled with care, avoid touching the lamp and particular, care should be taken when using sprays or liquids around hot lamps as this may cause failure or explosion.

IDEAL FOR – Flowering