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Maxibright Daylight 315W CMH Agro 3K Lamp


While producing an outstanding photon efficiency of 2 µmol s-1 W-1 (3K lamp), Maxibright’s strength is in it's tailored spectrum. Maintaining a very balanced spectrum (3K 92 CRI and 4K 95 CRI), the lamp’s red and blue output (wavelengths) have been enhanced to support strong vegetative growth with robust flowering. 


Perfect for the Flowering Stage

  • High photosynthetic photon flux per Watt 
  • Balanced spectrum with high red content for strong flowers
  • 10% more blue & 8% more red compared to leading 3k brand
  • Prevents stretching
  • Promotes higher quality growth
  • Increased plant mass
  • More internodal branching
  • Increased essential oil, terpenes and flavournoids production