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Mammoth Pro Grow Tents


Mammoth Pro Tent

Mammoth Pro grow tents are designed in Holland and are top quality, made from extra thick canvas with super strong stitching and zips they come with 16mm poles, double cuff vents and sturdy hanging rails with there Mylar inner with a 95% reflective rating you can't go wrong with a Mammoth Pro.

Available in a range of sizes to suit every grow situation.

Mammoth growrooms are simple to assemble and only take a few minutes to set up, there is no need to use tools. The internal coatings ensure maximum light reflection while the external layer prevents the passage of light. Inside there are supports to support the lighting system, aspirators and odor treatment filter or measuring instruments. The exchange of air is guaranteed by the holes for the extractors as well as by the lateral openings with screens for passive ventilation.

Lined with ultra thick Mylar

- Lined with material with high reflection coefficient Mylar 210D ultra thick (CRX 95%)
- 19mm metal structure and plastic corners
- Equipped with air intakes for the aspirator and the introducer in addition to the screens for natural ventilation
- Suitable for growing small plants and maintaining cuttings

Technical details and measures Mammoth PRO150:

  • 16mm metal structure
  • Inlet air intake: 2x up to 254mm
  • Outlet air intake: 3x up to 254mm
  • Filter holder clamps included: 2pcs
  • Hooks "S": 5 pcs
  • Material: 210D Mylar
  • Volume: 4.50 m³
  • Waterproof tray: included
Recommended cultivation lamps:
  • HPS-MH 600W / 1000W
  • 2x LED 480W
Recommended vacuums:
  • extraction 400-600 mc / h
  • introduction 350-500 mc / h