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What is Lockdown Pads - Sticky Traps?

Lockdown Pads - Sticky Traps is a water-resistant yellow sticky trap that attracts and traps insects providing maximum protection for the plant against unwanted visitors.

What is the use of Lockdown Pads - Sticky Traps?

Lockdown Pads - Sticky Traps is used to alert you about any potential risk of infestation so you can act in advance which helps you provide the maximum protection for the plants. It also covers the base of the plant in a way that protects the plants from any unwanted debris, mould and algae.

How do Lockdown Pads - Sticky Traps work?

Lockdown Pads - Sticky Traps is water-resistant pads that allow watering normally. It can be used in any stage of the plant’s life cycle or from start to finish.

Why would I need Lockdown Pads - Sticky Traps?

Lockdown Pads - Sticky Traps helps alert you to any problem before it becomes an infestation. It is also pesticide-free which makes it environmental and plant-friendly.

Description and components

  • Highly sticky with no chance for insects to escape.
  • Flexible and easy to apply.
  • Environment friendly.

How to install Lockdown Pads - Sticky Traps?

  Lockdown Pads - Sticky Traps can be applied flat, cone up or down.


Lockdown Pads, a water-resistant, yellow sticky pad that attracts a wide range of insects, including fungus gnats, thrips, spider mites, leaf miners, aphids, whiteflies, fruit flies, and more. The correct way to do insect monitoring is with the smallest environmental impact possible, free of pesticides.


  • Pesticide-Free.
  • Water-resistant.
  • No mess.
  • Full Coverage: base of the plant is well protected from insects.
  • Specific yellow colour.
  • Easy to monitor trapped insects.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Environmentally friendly.