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IWS Premium Flood and Drain System, Remote Timer & Flexi Tank


IWS Flood & Drain System

The IWS Flood and Drain System is a highly developed hybrid ebb and flow system, which works by flooding from the bottom of each 10-litre pot.

The system uses gravity to send water to the pots and only uses pumps to fill and drain the main 25-litre control (brain) bucket. This control bucket has two quality magnetic float-valves mounted inside to regulate the power to the pumps in both the tank and the controller bucket.

These floats control the flood level in the growing medium precisely to stop any over watering or flooding. As the water is forced through the growing medium, it expels all the stale air in the medium surrounding the root ball and replaces it with fresh oxygen as it drains away. The System comes with a choice of 3 inner pots.

Aqua Pot- 6.5 Litres

These Pots are more suited for use with hydroponic Clay Pebbles. Fast draining pots mean more floods will need to be activated.

Culture Pot- 6.5 Litres

The Culture Pot is ideal for finer growing mediums such as Coco or Soil. Having just the lower drain holes stop any lighter mediums being dragged away during flooding.

Punched Pots- 10.5 Litres

The Larger capacity Punched Pots are excellent for plants that want a bit more root space. The base is mesh to aid draining but the sides are completely solid, unlike the smaller Aqua & Culture Pots. Each of our IWS systems come with a flexi tank (including pump and connections) and multiple parts.

The IWS Flood and Drain System contains:


  • Flexi Tank - dependant on your choice of system 
  • IWS Flood & Drain Brain Pot (also known as the Controller Bucket)
  • Premium IWS Flood & Drain Minute Timer
  • Outer Pots
  • Aqua 6.5l Inner Pots
  • Copper Discs (to suit your choice of Inner Pot)
  • Pot Stands
  • Kit Bag (containing glands for outer pots, pipe-elbows, pipe-straights)
  • 16mm Flexi Pipe