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IWS OxyPot XL Twin DWC Bubbler (60L Tank)

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IWS OxyPot XL Twin DWC Bubbler System IWS Oxypot XL Twin DWC bubbler systems are one of our fastest moving products due to their relatively low cost and incredible growing performance. The latest DWC Oxypot system takes its classic design to a whole other level. Replacing the traditional round pot with a sturdier square unit helps prove an even better seal-gland connection and will fill a large volume of the growing space. Up to 2 plants are grown in expanded clay pebbles contained in a mesh pot suspended over a reservoir of nutrient solution. An air pump feeds air to the nutrient solution via air stones in the bottom of the reservoir. The air stones produce small bubbles, which oxygenate the nutrient solution. When the bubbles rise to the solution surface they cause a fine mist of nutrient solution that wets the clay pebbles above. Plant roots grow downward into highly oxygenated nutrient solution encouraging a large root structure, which goes on to generate a substantial heavy yielding plant.