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IWS Standard Flexi tank with Pump and Assembly


IWS Flexi tank with Pump and Assembly

IWS Flexi tanks with Pumps and Assembly are easy to transport, fit into fight spaces (i.e. Loft hatches) and can be set up and ready to use in a couple of minutes. All tank sizes come with a zippable lid making them 100% light proof each tank comes with all the fittings needed use with an IWS systems, including irrigation fittings, flexi pipe, pump and power connection.

The Flexi Tank packs up flat and can be stored away with no fuss, a vast improvement on rigid nutrient tanks. All Flexi tanks come tightly packed in an easy to carry slim line white cardboard box.

Note – It’s always advisable to secure pipework connected to the Flexi Tank barbed fittings using cable ties or a jubilee clip.