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Hygrozyme is an enzyme based product which is referred to as an innovation. Hygrozyme breaks down old root mass to enable new growth its produced in a complex and extraordinary way which offers a lot of advantages to indoor growers. It has an almost unlimited shelf life as it contains no bacteria as such it also means there is no risk of adding unwanted bacteria to your hydroponics system. Hygrozyme is also the first enzyme that can be used with Oxy-Plus. It's also 100% OMRI organic approved and comes recommended by all our customers.
It's not the cheapest enzyme on the market, but there is obviously something very beneficial to plants in the Hygrozyme formula delivering increased growth rates and disease-shielding benefits as well as the bonus of being an organic product. Easy to use, safe & non-toxic.

We recommend that Hygrozyme is used with every watering. As well as solving root disease problems, hygrozyme is an organic, bacteria free, complex, enzymatic formula that can also be used with Liquid Oxygen H2o2 Oxy-Plus.