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Hydrotops - Top Heavy Crop

  • Enhances and optimises cellular division and physiological function in your plants
  • Protein mechanisms and carbohydrate metabolism are positively stimulated
  • Expect to produce a very bushy plant, a shorter vegetative growth period, with an increase in yield and crop quality

The Hydrotops range is manufactured from 100% organic sources - They call their range 'bioponic' as it can be used in hydroponic systems and all ingredients are natural and organic with biologically active ingredients. Organic sources of plant food often produce a better tasting crop than mineral sources of ingredients so see what benefits hydroptops will bring to your garden.

Hydrotops specialise in ‘custom formulations’ which require a sample of your tap water to specially manufacture plant feeds that has a profile with the exact ratios of nutrients required for stunning results. Pop in to one of our stores for a sample bottle, more info on hydrotops custom formulations and how tailored nutrients can take your garden to the next level. If you're too far to pop-in, you can use the hard or soft variants that work with their respective water types.