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Hydrotops - Solo Soil Boost

  • HydroTops Solo Boost raises levels of potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and ammoniacal nitrogen
  • Designed to promote abundant flower growth
  • Designed to promote abundant floral growth, HydroTops Flora Boost, supports flowers and fruit. During the key period in the bloom cycle (weeks 4-7), plants get ever greedier for nutrients to boost the development of buds and flowers.

Hydrotops Solo Boost is an organic formulation specifically made for use with soil or compost. Hydrotops Solo Boost increases nutritional levels of two of the three core elements required for vigorous growth and bloom. When applied from the first week of bloom onwards.

Hydrotops Solo Boost increases the amount of Phosphorous and Potassium present in your media, whilst ensuring your plants are able to assimilate the correct balance of nutrients, vitamins and acids to boost flowering site and fruit formation before and during the bloom stage.