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Hydrotops - Root Stimulator

  • Supplies the energy and organic stimulants to build exceptional root system
  • Resistance to environmental stress
  • Resistance to stress and temperature fluctuations

If you want the best growing results your plants need strong, healthy roots, so give them something to really get their teeth into! HydroTops Root Stimulator combines plant-extracted bio-enhancers, vitamins, co-enzymes, silicon and fractions of fulvic/humic acids in an organic complex that promotes fast biological processes.

An efficient root mat has a better ability to deliver the perfect balance of water, nutrients and oxygen to your plants, enhancing their growth potential and increasing the final yield. Root development peaks during the third to fourth week of flowering so we recommend you add HydroTops Root Stimulator to your nutrient solution weekly from the propagation stage through to the end of the third or fourth week of the flowering period.