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House & Garden Soil A&B


House and Garden Soil A&B

House and Garden Soil A&B is designed to be used only in soil, it works best with House and Garden Light mix and Bat mix but can be used with other brands of soil. The two-part A&B nutrient is mineral based and contains no bulking agents making it easier for the plants roots to absorb.

You also get the added bonus of fulvic acid, humic acid and chelated iron, making this one of the most complete soil nutrients on the market.

When using House & Garden Soil A&B nutrients expect to produce large crops with superior aromas and flavour.

Use alongside House and Garden Nitrogen Boost 27 for a significant boost in the growth cycle. Note - A&B is sold as two part A and B formula, Parts A & B are to be used in conjunction and in equal amounts. Using unequal amounts will produce a nutrient mix that is unbalanced. This will lead to your plants to become nutrient deficient.

House and Garden Soil A&B feed rate – 2 – 5.5ml /Litre throughout the grow and bloom When preparing your nutrient solution be careful not mix them together in their concentrated form. Add each part of your nutrient schedule to your tank separately, mixing thoroughly before adding the next component to the mix.