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House & Garden Magic Green


House and Garden Magic Green

House and Garden Magic Green is designed to give a boost to plants in all stages of growth. From mother plants to un-rooted cuttings Magic Green will return the natural colour and vitality to plants when sprayed directly onto the leaves. House and Garden Magic Green works by strengthening the internal veins of the leaf and helping in the photosynthesis within the leaf. When Magic Green is sprayed directly onto the plant, it leaves a thin layer of wax and is absorbed directly into the leaf restoring the lush green colour of healthy leaves.

It will also protect the plant from insects and fungi attack as the thin wax layer prevents them taking hold. Magic Green is a great solution to restore a natural balance within the plant when the roots of the plant are either not fully formed or damaged in transference from cutting environment to growing environment

House and Garden Magic Green feed rate – 10ml /Litre Foliar feed once per week in Growth and Bloom

Note - Foliar feed before your lights go on or in low lighting to avoid burning plants. Take care to keep liquids and away from HID Lighting and other electrical equipment