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BioBizz Light Mix


BioBizz Light Mix

BioBizz  have decades of experience within the professional horticultural industry. Many years of product development have provided us with a soil mix that has all the qualities needed for exceptional growth, excellent drainage, stable pH, and an airy oxygen rich environment. This coupled with a blend of slow-release NPK nutrients makes BioBizz Light Mix an excellent medium for young plants and rooted cuttings.

As the name suggests BioBizz Light Mix contains a light mix of all natural slow releasing macro and micro nutrient rich additive, which will see your plant through the first 1-2 weeks of growth.

BioBizzLight Mix is a natural product and can be disposed of safely and, it can also be used in compost or garden beds.

BioBizz Light Mix Contains - 1 x 50L bag

Comes in a discreet bag packaging