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Hailea Water Chiller


Hailea Water Chillers

Hailea Water Chillers are perfect for keeping nutrient solution temperatures at optimum levels consistently. Seasoned growers will understand that keeping nutrient solutions at the right temperature (18-21oC) drastically enhances its oxygen content, and helps to keep nutrient uptake higher while also preventing pathogens from targeting the rootzone.

Grow and Harvest recommends these chillers for hydroponic recirculating systems that often suffer from root disease due to bacteria breeding because of water temperatures rising. Maintaining a constant cool pre set temperature in systems like the IWS, NFT, RUSH and Bubblers or just cooling nutrient tanks that have to remain inside a grow room would help guard against bacterial outbreaks, promote health plant grow.

A Hailea water chiller would pay for itself with increased yields in no time at all!


Note – A small pump is required to circulate water through the chiller. (Maxi Jet 1000) – Sold Separately