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Hailea V-Series Air Pumps


Hailea V-Series Air Pumps Hailea V-Series air pumps are manufactured to an extremely high standard. A tough metal casing quiets and protects internal workings as well as rubber feet being fitted to reduce noise levels to the absolute minimum. The V-Series is ideal for larger hydroponic or aquatic purposes, the V series from Hailea is a dependable pump that requires minimal maintenance. Hailea V-Series air pumps are available in 4 sizes that will run the following air stones


  • V20 - 20l/min - 3 x Hailea Round Ceramic Air Stone
  • V30 - 30l/min - 4 x Hailea Round Ceramic Air Stone
  • V60 - 60l/min - 8 x Hailea Round Ceramic Air Stone

Each pump has a screw in valve that fits 8mm airline.