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Hailea ACO Budget Series Air Pumps


Hailea ACO Budget Series Air Pumps

Hailea air pumps are manufactured to an extremely high standard, with even the budget model a built to last.

A robust plastic casing quiets and protects the internal oscillating diaphragm, which pushes air through the output nozzle on the front of the unit. The Hailea ACO-2 Series air pumps are a cost effective way of keeping small nutrient tanks oxygenated.

Each Hailea ACO-2 Series Air Pump has an output connection suitable for 4mm airline.

Hailea ACO-2203 - 13cm x 8.5cm x 8.5cm
Hailea ACO-2204 - 15.5cm × 9.5cm × 7.5cm
Hailea ACO-2206 - 19cm x 12cm x 10cm

Hailea ACO-2203 - 1.6 litres per minute (one outlet)
Hailea ACO-2204 - 2.0 litres per minute (two outlets)
Hailea ACO-2206 - 2.5 litres per minute (four outlets)

Hailea ACO-2203 - 1.8 Watts
Hailea ACO-2204 - 4 Watts
Hailea ACO-2206 - 8 Watts

Hailea ACO-2203 - <40dB
Hailea ACO-2204 - <40dB
Hailea ACO-2206 - <40dB