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Hailea ACO Series Adjustable Air Pumps


Premium Air Pumps Suitable for a Range of Systems

The Hailea ACO-9 Series Air Pumps are perfect for a variety of systems and are capable of running one large system or multiple smaller ones. The hardwearing aluminium case makes them strong and durable with multiple outlet air dividers which be individually opened and closed. Piston driven and powerful, this strong air pump requires little maintenance.

Each Hailea ACO-9 Series Air Pump is fitted with output connections suitable for 4mm airline.


Hailea ACO-9601 - 13.6cm x 7.8cm x 6.8cm
Hailea ACO-9602 - 16.2cm x 10cm x 8.7cm
Hailea ACO-9610 - 18.7cm x 14.5cm x 9.5cm
Hailea ACO-9620 - 22.4cm x 16.3cm x 12.6cm
Hailea ACO-9630 - 24.8cm x 17.6cm x 13.7cm

Air flow:

Hailea ACO-9601 - 0.4 to 3.2 litres per minute (single outlet)
Hailea ACO-9602 - 0.8 to 7.2 litres per minute (two outlet)
Hailea ACO-9610 - 1.6 to 10 litres per minute (four outlet)
Hailea ACO-9620 - 1.8 to 14 litres per minute (six outlet)
Hailea ACO-9630 - 2.3 to 16 litres per minute (eight outlet)


Hailea ACO-9601 - <40dB
Hailea ACO-9602 - <40dB
Hailea ACO-9610 - <45dB
Hailea ACO-9620 - <45dB
Hailea ACO-9630 - <45dB

Power Consumption:

Hailea ACO-9601 - 2 Watts
Hailea ACO-9602 - 5 Watts
Hailea ACO-9610 - 10 Watts
Hailea ACO-9620 - 12 Watts
Hailea ACO-9630 - 15 Watts