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Guard 'n' Aid for Thrip


What is Guard 'n' Aid for Thrip?

Guard 'n' Aid for Thrip is a natural based insecticide of Pyrethrum used in killing thrips with edible and non-edible crops.

What is the use of Guard 'n' Aid for Thrip?

Guard 'n' Aid for Thrip is used against thrips in egg, larvae and adult stages.

How does Guard 'n' Aid for Thrip work?

Guard 'n' Aid for Thrip uses Pyrethrum as its active ingredient which is a natural oil-based insecticide that targets the respiratory organ and the nervous system of thrips. It is also marked as the safest insecticide for use around food.

Why would I need Guard 'n' Aid for Thrip?

Guard 'n' Aid for Thrip can be used indoors and outdoors against thrips and it can also work on hard surfaces.

Description and components

  • A natural based insecticide.

How to install it?

  • Dilute 15ml/litre to use as a spray.
  • Use during the dark cycle.
  • Repeat after 14 days for consistency.

Powerful Insecticide for Your Plant

Guard ‘n’ Aid for Thrip is a powerful insecticide, purposely developed for use against Thrips at all life stages including larvae adult and egg. It won’t harm your plants and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing on edible and non-edible crops.

Mix Guard ‘n’ Aid for Thrip with 15ml per/l of water.

Use the mixed solution within 6 hours.