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Growth Technology Liquid Silicon


Excellent Nutrient Solution for Strong Results

Silicon naturally occurs in soil and benefits plants by strengthening the cells, encouraging strong and healthy root growth as well as increased resistance to disease and pests. When growing hydroponically, adding Liquid Silicon is highly beneficial to plants when dosed around 20–50 ppm in the nutrient solution. It needs to be added as a separate component by the grower as it does not come in the nutrient solution. Liquid Silicon should be added to nutrient tanks each time a fresh volume is made.


  • Improves nutrient uptake and circulation
  • Strengthens cell walls and aids in development of resistance to fungi and mites
  • Increases production of chlorophyll and develops darker green leaves
  • Increases uptake of available CO2 and delivers higher yields
  • Adds more potassium for improved flowering
  • Increases weight of crop

Liquid Silicon plays a vital role in the uptake and circulation of mineral nutrients and can greatly increase the strength of the plant and in turn, its resistance to pests and diseases. Research has shown that adding silicon in hydroponic solutions will produce stronger, healthier root systems and this will increase yields.

Growth Technology Liquid Silicon feed rate – 1ml/Litre in growth and bloom.