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Greenpower Contactor Timer


The GreenPower Professional Contactor Timer is the premium quality contactor in the grow industry, high-quality materials and build quality in this British made controller make it super safe and exceptionally reliable.
The GreenPower come fitted with a Grasslin 24hr segmental timer, making it accurate and simple to use.

To operate the timer, rotate the timer face until the correct time is set, then raise the segments at the time you wish connected equipment to be switched on. Conversely, ensure that when you want equipment to be turned off, segment remains in the down position.

The 24hr timer programme will now be followed automatically.

To override the timer programme use the switch on the clock face, for power permanently ON, switch to position 1, and for power permanently OFF switch to position 2.
The Greenpower Professional Contactor Timer is available in 4 models, the 2 way, 4 way, 6 way and 8 way. Depending on the model, growers can precisely control between 1 and 8 lighting ballast or other electrical equipment. The mains outlet sockets and the equipment connection sockets can be switched on and off individually. GreenPower contactors are housed in a tough metal box with fixing points so you can hang it on the wall.

Greenpower Professional 2 way Contactor Timer max load 2000w
Greenpower Professional 4 way Contactor Timer max load 4000w
Greenpower Professional 6 way Contactor Timer max load 4000w
Greenpower Professional 8 way Contactor Timer max load 4200w