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Green Qube Tents


Green Qube Tent

Green Qube grow tents are the highest quality grow tents on the market today. This quality is translated by just looking at the durable, sturdy 25mm green poles that include steel corners, there so well made they can handle a hanging weight up to 100kg.

The Green Qube grow tents are double stitched with a thick outer canvas with military grade waterproof zips, lined in diamond cut super reflective Mylar fabric they also include cable socks, access panels, green viewing widows so as not to interrupt light cycles and double oversized ventilation socks.

One last key feature to mention is the unique uplift bar which makes a difference if using a gravity fed feed systems like autopots or IWS, the uplift bar allows you to position feed lines at floor level instead of through the lowest access sock. Once you get a Green Qube grow tent, you’ll never look back.