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Gekko Acoustic Box Fan


What is the Gekko Acoustic Box Fan?

The Gekko Acoustic Box Fan is an inline box duct silenced (Alternative Current) AC fan that is made in the UK of premium quality products using precision engineered components. It uses a durable AC motor to create a powerful and quiet Torin Sifan fan designed to generate huge pressure levels moving masses of air to maintain the optimum grow environment.

What is the use of the Gekko Acoustic Box Fan?

Growing in a grow tent requires maintaining optimum climate conditions. With The Gekko Acoustic Box Fan, you can silently move huge masses of air in the grow room to help replicate the stall air as it generates huge pressure levels. It is made of moisture-resistant MDF panels to extend the lifespan of the box.

How does Gekko Acoustic Box Fan work?

The Gekko Acoustic Box Fan extracts the hot stale air from inside the grow tent to help control the grow tent temperature and provide optimum climate conditions for the plants to grow. it is an all-around solid quality fan from the fittings to the motor, they run at extremely low noise levels while moving incredible amounts of air.

Why would I need Gekko Acoustic Box Fan?

Using an extraction system with The Gekko Acoustic Box Fan is an overall upgrade to the grow tent. It comes in lightweight MDF moisture resistant box to help extend the fan's life for years to come and for ease of installation and movement. It has a wide range of sizes to fit each grow space and environmental needs.

Description and components:

  • Moisture resistant box.
  • Maximum noise reduction.
  • Torin Sifan fan.
  • Made in the UK.
  • PU and screw assembled to keep the parts together for longer.
  • Lead clamp.
  • Roll-top flange spigot to make connecting any ducting easier Comes in various sizes.
  • CNC precision cut
  • Comes in various sizes:

                                            Ø  200mm – 8”-1000m3/hr.

                                            Ø  250mm – 10”-1500m3/hr.

                                            Ø  315mm – 12”-2500m3/hr.

                                            Ø  315mm – 12”-3250m3/hr.

                                            Ø  315mm – 12”-4250m3/hr.

How to install Gekko Acoustic Box Fan?

  • The Gekko Acoustic Box Fan installation is simple: connect the fan to the ducting and plug it.
  • If connected to a carbon filter it has to have the same airflow rate as the fan.