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Gavita Pro 750w DE 400v HPS Lamp


Gavita Pro 750w DE 400v HPS Lamp

Gavita Pro 750w Double-ended 400v Sodium Lamps for use only with the Gavita Pro-Line, Dimlux Expert and other 750w DE lights using similar 400v technologies.

  • Professional European high frequency horticultural lamps
  • No wireframe, quartz glass outer bulb for perfect optical quality
  • Double ended, K12 x 30S lamp base for accurate lamp positioning
  • Extremely high photosynthetic photon flux (ppf): 2100 μmol (see specs)
  • Only suitable for high frequency, high voltage Electronic ballasts (Gavita Pro series)
  • 1 year warranty on suitable electronic ballasts (Gavita Pro series)

How to fit a Doubled Ended HPS Lamp

Double Ended HPS grow light is a special lamp, so you must take care during fitting.

  • Always wear gloves during installation.
  • Make sure you disconnect the power supply to your fixture before removing your old DE lamp.
  • Leaving the fixture powered during installation could cause power arcing, fire, electrocution, and possibly death.

Once the power is off your gloves on -

  • Insert the lead wires of your DE lamp between the slots of a DE socket. The pinch (flat side) area of the lamp should be horizontal, not vertical. One end should sit on top of the socket spring while the other rests in front of them. Finally, do not bend the wires!
  • You can now push gently on the pinch area rest on top of the silver socket springs until the lamp is securely in place. Don’t push too hard! Chips or breaks can lead to lamp failure.
  • Forcefully slide each socket inward until it clicks into place. There should be no gap visible once the socket is closed. An unlocked socket can cause arcing and fire damage.

An improperly installed Double Ended lamp can create problems for your plants, in addition to being a possible fire hazard.

If not installed properly, the lamp may not be giving off the maximum intensity or quality of spectrum, thus leading to smaller and lower quality yields.