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Gavita Pro 1700e ML LED Grow Light

  • High efficiency (2.6 μmol s-1 per watt)
  • High output & high intensity for outstanding yields
  • FCC and UL8800 compliant, IP66 wet rated
  • Top bin LEDs (the best in terms of brightness, colour and voltage)
  • Reduced HVAC requirement (30-40% less)
  • Balanced, full-spectrum light output
  • Dimmable up to 50% without loss in efficiency when used with the Gavita E-Series LED Adapter
  • 8-bar configuration allows for uniform light levels in many settings
  • Versatile: Use in low rooms, on vertical racks, over benches and even in tents 

The Gavita Pro 1700e LED grow light is a large light source, which offers uniform coverage over an increased surface area. It's ideal for rolling benches, vertical racks and low ceilings. Eight strips comprise Samsung and Osram LEDs with Philips drivers and ensure a full and broad light spectrum. The unit is up to 50% dimmable and loses little to no power to excess heat. The Gavita Pro 1700e grow light is one of the most advanced units available on the market. Optimize the lighting in your grow room for increased harvest yields and healthy crop development.