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G.A.S. Day & Night – Heater Controller



Our range of day & night controllers were developed to control heater, humidifiers and dehumidifiers for both day and night.

The Heater Control version in for use with your existing heater. Use the dials to set specific temperature for day and night.

Find a suitable position for your controller. This should be indoors and away from water
and liquids.
The best position for the sensor is the middle of the room.
PLEASE NOTE: We advise that you have good air circulation in your room, this will
prevent hot spots or high humidity zones. The sensor will be more accurate if the air is
moving, therefore making the controller more accurate.
The sensor is a sensitive device. It is sensitive to moisture, do not put the sensor directly
above a humidifier. Do not drop or hit the sensor. Damage to the sensor may not be
covered by the product warranty. KEEP AWAY from water and aerosols.
All electrical connections should be protected from liquids and high moisture. Therefore
ideally only the sensor should be in an area with high humidity.
1. Connect your heater plug to the controller socket.
2. Ensure the mains socket is switched off.
3. Plug the controller into the mains socket.
4. Place the sensor into the environment to be controlled, following the guidelines
5. Switch the mains socket on.

Day temperature

Night temperature

Humidity / light probe

Power LED

1. Use the left hand dial to set your desired daytime temperature.
2. Use the right hand dial to set your desired night time temperature.
3. The controller will now control the temperature by switching the heater on and off
based on the desired temperature for day or night. The green LED will light when the
heater is switched on.
4. Remember that the controller can only add heat if it’s too cold, it cannot remove heat
if it’s too hot.
5. A rapid flashing of the green LED indicates a problem with the sensor. Replacement
sensors are available.
For electrical products sold within the UK and the European Union this symbol means
that this product must not be placed into general waste as the end of the product’s useful
life. It should be sent to a separate recycling facility. Check with your local authority for
recycling advice.
By recycling responsibly, it will protect the environment and human health.