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Flairform Pythoff


What is Flairform Pythoff?

Flairform Pythoff is a hydroponic nutrient conditioner that helps prevent root browning and plumbing blockages by eliminating food sources responsible for attracting fungus, gnat and other root-zone pests.

What is the use of Flairform Pythoff?

Flairform Pythoff is a sterilizing agent that sterilizes the hydroponic system and extremely effective in treating and preventing root rot disease.

How does Flairform Pythoff work?

Flairform Pythoff is a non-systemic sterilizing agent that complies with the organic farming guidelines to prevent root rot and other root-zone diseases which makes it safe to use from seed to harvest.

Why would I need Flairform Pythoff?

Flairform Pythoff is easy to use and to be diluted with water and added to the nutrient solution which will work on transporting it to the whole hydroponic system. It is safe to use from seed to harvest.

Description and components

  • Non-systemic.
  • Prevents root browning.
  • Prevent plumbing blockages.

How to install it?

  • Dilute 1-2ml/10litre.

Guard Against Root-Rot

Pythoff is a concentrated nutrient conditioner that gets to work by sterilising nutrient solutions and hydroponic systems. Bacteria, diseases and fungi will all be eradicated leaving roots free from rot, systems, pumps, drippers, grow medium and tubing and all equipment that comes into contact with Pythoff will all be treated becoming sterile.

Pythoff can be a real crop saver!

Note – Pythoff is designed to destroy microbes such as pythium and aid in plant recovery but will also kill any beneficial microbes in grow medium.

Pythoff Mix Rate – 0.2ml/ltr in growth and Bloom