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E40 Lamp to CMH/CDM Lamp Adapter


Make the switch to CMH/CDM lamps

Covert any HID reflector with an E40 lamp holder to house CMH/CDM lamps.

Just screw the E40 adaptor into the E40 lamp holder attached to the reflector then fit the CDM Lamp into the E40 adaptor. Switch done!

CMH/CDM (Ceramic Discharge Metal-Halide or Ceramic Metal Halide lamps give out an intense full spectrum light similar to natural daylight. These lamps have a different fitting to standard HPS lamps and will require an E40 to CMH/CDM Adapter to be fitted to standard reflectors with the E40 (HPS) lamp fitting for use with aCMH/ CDM lamp. CMH/CDM lamps give you a far fuller spectrum light which in turn gives much better quality plant growth compared to HPS lighting alone.