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Dimlux Expert Series - 1000w / 400v HPS Full Fixture Grow Light


1000 Watt Dimlux Expert HPS Lighting System (400V) Product Details:

Each Dimlux Expert 1000 watt lighting system consists of a high end Dimlux Extreme Ballast, a highly effective Alpha Optics 98 Reflector and a powerful 1000W double ended HPS lamp all brought together and housed in a single unit. The Dimlux ballast gives you 7 separate dim options (600w, 700w, 800w, 900w, 1000w, 1100w and 1200w) – which is more more than other competing products – this allows you to precisely alter light output to match the ever changing demands of your plants. Soft Start and Soft Off features guarantee you don’t get sudden surges of power when switching between “on” and “off” modes, this protects the product and more importantly your safety so you don't have to worry.

From the moment you open the box you can tell that something special awaits your plants, finished in gold and built to incredibly high standards the Dimlux Expert light is quite a sight and hints at the amazing performance possibilities that await you. Utilising superior electronic technology, the Dimlux Extreme Ballast operates very quietly and very efficiently, promising to save you money over time on you energy bills. It is reassuringly fireproof, employing a built-in processor to monitor the ballast-to-lamp connection and an LED display to inform you of the operating status, cutting the power in the event of a bad contact or short circuit.

Alpha Optics Reflector

The Alpha Optics 98 Reflector has been made from mesmerising 98% reflective Miro Silver aluminium. Crafted in a unique and effective manner, it only lets light waves hit the mirror-like surface of the interior on one occasion before projecting them downwards to cover over your plants. The light is also steered clear of any unnecessary and unwanted interactions with the lamp, minimising overall wastage. These two aspects conform to the Single Bounce Clear Sight principle (SBCS).

Both sides of the reflector can be adjusted to manipulate the distribution of light and there are optional add-on reflectors for stopping light from hitting walls instead of floor space. The open nature of the Alpha Optics 98 Reflector helps with the passive cooling of the lamp, improving its efficiency and overall life span.

A 50mm port on the top of the unit actually allows you to extract the hot air away from around the lamp – a smart inclusion and standout feature.

Dimlux Maxi Controller?

The dimlux extreme 1000w is compatible with the Maxi controller. If you chose to link up your light system(s) to a Maxi Controller (an astonishing 160 units can be accommodated!), this sensational device will manage them all at once taking into account indicated day/night periods and minimum and maximum heat tolerances, applying even closer control with continuously-variable dimming rather than standard incremental dimming. Additional devices can also be utilised that will measure temperature, humidity, CO2, Leaf Temperature and adjust your lighting settings to maintain an optimum growing environment.