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DiffuseAir Air Diffuser


DiffuseAir offers a revolutionary technology to mix air and helps you achieve an even climate in the grow room. Attach the unit to an RVK fan and use the system to diffuse air. The unit allows you to also free up space in your grow room. You won't risk over-fertilisation, windburn, or salt build-ups from strong air streams. SystemAir created the unit so it doesn't point directly at your crops. DiffuseAir freshens the climate around your crops and only pushes air over the canopy. 

General Information

  • The unit maintains a consistent climate throughout the grow room;
  • You can use the unit to distribute air from the intake fan or mix air within your grow room;
  • The unit eliminates any micro-climates, hot spots, or high-humidity areas;
  • Improves the floor space in your grow room. 


  • It's designed by G.A.S engineers. G.A.S is SystemAir's partner;
  • The SystemAir unit improves the grow room's climate;
  • Perfect for a ventilated and closed-loop room.

The Science

Plants lose more water when air is blown directly at them. This increases water uptake and builds up nutrients in the root-zone. You'll risk over-fertilization. Strong air streams can lead to wind burn and turn the leaves brown. DiffuseAir mixes air without producing strong air streams. The air isn't pointed at the crops directly. The air flows over the crops and lifts up air from the canopy. The system refreshes your grow room's climate. 

How to Use

To mix air, attach the unit to an RVK inline fan. Hang it from the ceiling. Suspend one unit in the centre of the grow room or use more units in larger rooms. To diffuse air, attach the unit to the RVK intake fan. Use the unit with a filter to remove any mold spores or dust.