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Cyco Platinum Pro Kit

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Everything You Need to Grow in One Convenient Kit

The Cyco Platinum ProKit combines everything you need to start growing from start to finish, aiding both the novice and professional grower alike.

The Pro Kit includes:

  • 1L Cyco Grow A and B
  • 1LCyco Bloom A and B
  • 1L Cyco Swell,
  • 1L Cyco Potash Plus
  • 1L Cyco Silica,
  • 1L Cyco Zyme
  • 1L Cyco B1 Boost
  • 1L Cyco Dr. Repair
  • 1L Cyco Uptake
  • 100 ml bottle of Cyco XL
  • Helpful information booklet
  • Growth and bloom charts for all growing media.

The simple to use charts use a color-coded weekly system making this one of the most user-centric kits available.