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Cyco Doctor Repair


Cyco Platinum Series Dr Repair

Cyco Dr Repair has been produced to treat the yellowing of leaf tissue due to a lack of chlorophyll, commonly known as chlorosis. Possible causes of chlorosis include poor drainage, damaged or compacted roots, high alkalinity and deficiencies of iron and other nutrients in the plant.

Cyco Platinum Dr Repair combats this by making available a highly plant absorbable form EDTA iron, then to repair any remaining deficiency damage releases urea based nitrogen, which is rapidly available and quickly absorbed by the plant. If left untreated, chlorosis can damage plant function and development, shortening photosynthesis and reducing quality and yields.

Cyco platinum's vision is to be the new benchmark in product quality and with over 28 years in the industry, they have produced a quality driven product range. Their product line is a component system, much like Advanced Nutrients and Humboldt Nutrients, this enables plants to get nutrition exactly when they enter critical growth stages, this prevents nutrients building up in plants which would lead to overfeeding.

Cyco Dr Repair Feed rate - 1ml /Litre throughout grow and bloom cycles.

When preparing your nutrient solution be careful not mix them together in their concentrated form. Add each part of your nutrient schedule to your tank separately, mixing thoroughly before adding the next component to the mix.