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CX Horticulture - Wilt Guard


CX Horticulture Wilt Guard is a premium additive, which helps your plants from wilting and prevents Pythium. Growers use the solution from the beginning of the vegetative phase up to the flush. It's suitable for use with hydroponic systems and soil. The supplement keeps your crops healthy and protects your plants through Induced Resistance. It decreases the risk of your plants wilting because of diseased roots. The formula comprises a unique blend of natural ingredients that help your crops recover from diseases such as wilting. With improved immune systems, your plants will successfully fight off any diseases. Growers use the formula in combination with CX Horticulture Bio Balancer and other CX Horticulture nutrients and supplements to achieve top-quality and high-performance harvests.

General Information

  • The product is suitable for the vegetative and blooming phases;
  • The formula comprises a special form of Potassium and Phosphorus. The NPK level is 0-12-14;
  • Wilt Guard is a powerful additive;
  • Growers use Wilt Guard with plants growing in hydroponic systems and soil.


  • Wilt Guard has an increased level of solubility;
  • The formula comprises natural ingredients;
  • The product reduces the risk of wilting caused by rotting roots;
  • The product protects your crops through Induced Resistance;
  • Wilt Guard keeps your crops healthy;
  • The product improves your plants' immune systems;
  • Suitable for use with other CX Horticulture supplements and boosters such as CX Horticulture Bio Balancer;
  • The formula effectively helps your plants recover from stressful situations caused by diseases, unfavourable environmental conditions, transportation or transplanting. 

The Science

Wild Guard comprises increased levels of Potassium, which helps plants regulate interior osmotic pressure and water loss. Your crops' roots are exposed to harmful microbes such as Pythium, which can cause root rotting. Strong plants can easily fight the effects of such diseases. But in stressful situations, plants are less capable of combating these diseases. With Wilt Guard, growers keep their plants' roots healthy and strong. In combination with Regen-a-Root, you'll maximize your crops' protection.

How to Use

Professional growers use Wilt Guard throughout the entire vegetative stage up to the flush. Use the formula at the recommended rate of 1 ml/L. Improve your crops' strength and quality with Wilt Guard.

Best Practices

CX Horticulture Wilt Guard is an optimized formula, which growers use during the vegetative and blooming stages to achieve top-quality and high harvest yields. Add the supplement to your water container or water tank and mix it well. Once you've added all the nutrients, additives and boosters, adjust the pH level. If you're growing in hydroponic systems, keep the pH between 5.6 and 6.2. London Grow advises that you maintain the level of the pH towards the lower values of the scale. The level of the pH will rise once you add the nutrients and additives. If you're growing plants in soil, you shouldn't regulate the level of the pH. In case you want to adjust the level, keep it between 6 and 7. The pH will rise once you add all the nutrients, supplements and boosters. Store Wilt Guard in a safe and dark place. Keep the product away from very high or very low temperatures. Make sure that you wear protective gloves when you're handling Wilt Guard. Avoid any contact with your eyes or your skin. In case of such contact, you must rinse the product instantly.