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CX Horticulture - Regen-A-Root


CX Horticulture Regen-a-Root is a powerful additive made for the vegetative and blooming phases. The supplement ensures maximum root growth and optimizes nutrient uptake. The formula stimulates root branching and strengthens your plants' immune systems. Regen-a-Root helps your plants fight against pathogens and prevents root-rot. The additive contains natural growth hormones, which stimulate root development. With Regen-a-Root, your plants will grow a strong and rich root network to support extreme blooming and fruiting. Use Regen-a-Root for top-quality and high yield harvests.

General Information

  • The product is made for the vegetative and blooming phases;
  • The formula contains natural growth hormones;
  • Regen-a-Root is suitable for plants growing in hydroponic systems and soil;
  • The product is an optimized additive.


  • Regen-a-Root is easy-to-use;
  • The additive is chemical-free;
  • The formula has an increased solubility level and plants can easily absorb it;
  • The product stimulates huge root growth;
  • The formula strengthens your plants and ensures healthier crops;
  • Regen-a-Root improves your plants' immune systems;
  • Prevents root-rot;
  • Regen-a-Root is made at the highest quality standards;
  • The product is suitable for use with other CX nutrients and supplements.

The Science

Your plants' roots are exposed to a variety of pathogens such as Pythium, which can destroy them. Strong plants can usually fight against these diseases, but during stressful periods, like blooming, plants are more vulnerable. Regen-a-Root comprises the right ingredients to help plants fight off these diseases. With Regen-a-Root your plants will grow healthy and their roots will become stronger. With Regen-a-Root plants can focus strictly on blooming. Growers use the formula in combination with CX Wilt Guard for optimum protection.

How to Use

Use the formula during the vegetative and flowering stages at a recommended rate of 1 ml/L.

Best Practices

CX Horticulture Regen-a-Root is an optimized supplement, which you can simply add to your water tank and mix well. Add the supplement and adjust the pH level. First, add the nutrients and chase them with Regen-a-Root and other supplements. When you're growing plants in hydroponic systems, make sure the pH is between 5.6 and maximum 6.2. Keep the level of the pH towards the lower values as it will increase once you've mixed in the nutrients and supplements. If you're growing plants in soil, maintain the pH between 6 and 7. Again, you must maintain the pH towards the lower end of the scale. Store the formula in a dark and safe place. Keep it protected from very high or very low temperatures. Make sure that you wear protective gloves when you're handling Regen-a-Root.