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CX Horticulture - PMT (Powdery Mildew Treatment) x 100ml


What is CX Horticulture - PMT (Powdery Mildew Treatment)?

CX Horticulture - PMT (Powdery Mildew Treatment) is a non-toxic plant stimulant that works as a treatment for Powdery mildew and Botrytis.

What is the use of CX Horticulture - PMT (Powdery Mildew Treatment)?

CX Horticulture - PMT (Powdery Mildew Treatment) is used against Powdery Mildew and Botrytis by stimulating the plant’s defences against diseases.

How does CX Horticulture - PMT (Powdery Mildew Treatment) work?

CX Horticulture - PMT (Powdery Mildew Treatment) kills the fungus of the powdery mildew in the infected plans but it also works as a preventive measure and can be used from the second week onward to make sure that your plants are completely safe and guarded.

Why would I need CX Horticulture - PMT (Powdery Mildew Treatment)?

CX Horticulture - PMT (Powdery Mildew Treatment) can be used with any type of plant especially food and it is completely non-toxic so it is safe to use it with edible and non-edible plants.

Description and components

  • Used as a treatment and preventive measure against Powdery Mildew and Botrytis.
  • Completely safe and non-toxic.

How to install CX Horticulture - PMT (Powdery Mildew Treatment)?

  • Dilute 10ml/litre to use as a spray.
  • Use during the dark cycle.
  • Repeat after 7 days for consistency.


CX Horticulture - PMT (Powdery Mildew Treatment)

PMT is a non-toxic treatment for powdery mildew. It is part of the CX Induced Resistance strategy that stimulates the plant to ramp up its own defences against the disease. Powdery mildew is a fungal leaf disease that is common in commercial greenhouses and is becoming more common in indoor gardening all around the world. Left untreated, this disease will kill every leaf on a plant and destroy your crop.

It is first seen as white powdery looking spots on leaves. These spots grow and join together and soon the whole leaf becomes white. If you shake the leaf, you will see white dust or powder flying around. This powder is the fungus' spores by which it spreads. The parts of the leaf that are white are the main body of the fungal infection. The fungus grows on the leaf sends root-like appendages into the leaf cells and suck out the cell contents. This kills the cell. As this process occurs, the fungus spreads, killing more and more leaf area until, eventually, nothing is left.

If you kill the fungus on an infected leaf you can see for yourself the extent of the attack. However, the damage is actually more extensive than you can see with the naked eye. Even though you have killed the Powdery Mildew with PMT you may still find that infected leaves may still die due to devastating damage caused by powdery mildew. Remember, powdery mildew damage is always more extensive and serious than it first looks.

We highly recommend using PMT as a preventative treatment. As already described powdery mildew causes a lot of damage so the best tactic is prevention. Just spray PMT as per the instructions and permanently safeguard your plants against powdery mildew. As the leaves are the plant's food factory, any loss of leaf area means loss of crop. Don't let it happen.

If you have never experienced the disease before, then start using it at the first sign, or even suspicion, of powdery mildew. If you've experienced the disease before, or you grow in an area that is known to be infected with powdery mildew, then you need to take preventative action right away. Use PMT as a preventative treatment from the second week onwards for guaranteed results. 

As a bonus, PMT also has preventative activity against botrytis or 'bud rot', so you can consider PMT as a double guard for your plants.