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RVK Fan & CarboAir 50 Filter Extraction Kit - Alum Ducting


RVK Fan & CarboAir Filter Extraction Kit







Systemair RVK Sileo Inline Duct Fans

The Systemair RVK Sileo In-line Duct Fan is used to control key air conditions such as humidity, temperature, and a fresh supply of CO2 to plants. This low wattage, high output fan is designed to handle both low air volume hobby use and high air volume commercial use. They have been designed to run 24 hours, 7 days. 365 days a year without any problems.

If it’s an acoustic fan you’re after, try one of our excellent Can-Fan Iso-max.

Note: Systemair RVK fans do not come with any cable or plugs.

Rhino Pro Carbon Filters – The Best Filters You Can Buy

Clearing stale air and removing any unwanted odours from your growing area is an important task, one that can make or break a crop. The Rhino Pro Carbon Filter contains a fine granular carbon from Australia called RC412 – in laymen’s terms the world's finest quality virgin activated carbon.

Activated carbon is made in a unique manufacturing process, every grain of carbon is heated in a tank and exposed to both steam and oxygen, through this process the pore structure of the carbon is greatly increased. Activated carbon can scrub and clean air that passes through it, it can do this by attracting and trapping impurities and smelly air molecules in its super porous surface area.

The Rhino Pro Carbon Filter has a mesh outer shell made of 1.6mm thick aluminium for lightness, and the base is cone shaped to optimise airflow. Rhino Pro Carbon filters are designed for cleaning air produced by indoor growers. Stale air is drawn through the filter by an extractor fan.

The Rhino Pro Carbon Filter gives an approximate lifespan of 18 months (Rhino says that when treated right their filters can last well over 2 years)

Silver Aluminium Ducting x 5mi

The ideal solution for venting air in, out and around the grow room. Aluminum Ducting is a spiral wire covered by strong, flexible aluminium foil, attach a fan and you’re done. Duct it where you want, preferably outside.

Quick Release Duct Clips

Quick Release Duct Clips can be used to fix ducting to fans carbon filters silencers and other duct fittings.

Use a screwdriver to turn the worm screw, which will then form a tight grip around ducting fixing it in place.


  • 4" (100mm) 184m3/hr (RVK A1) with 100mm/330mm CarboAir Filter (138m3/hr airflow with filter)
  • 5" (125mm) 220m3/hr (RVK A1) with 125mm/330mm CarboAir Filter (160m3/hr airflow with filter)
  • 5" (125mm) 323m3/hr (RVK L1) with 125mm/330mm CarboAir Filter (240m3/hr airflow with filter)
  • 6" (150mm) 482m3/hr (RVK A1) with 150mm/330mm CarboAir Filter (330m3/hr airflow with filter)
  • 8" (200mm) 796m3/hr (RVK A1) with 200mm/500mm CarboAir Filter (705m3/hr airflow with filter)
  • 10" (250mm) 860m3/hr (RVK A1) with 250mm/500mm CarboAir Filter (730m3/hr airflow with filter)
  • 12" (315mm) 1361m3/hr (RVK A1) with 315mm/500mm CarboAir Filter (1125m3/hr airflow with filter)