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G.A.S. SystemAir Revolution Vector EC Fan (Silenced) V2


Revolution Silenced Vector 250 EC V2

The next generation of silenced fans has arrived. The Revolution Silenced V2. The 250 EC V2 is precision-engineered to be lighter, quieter and maintain the advantages of the V1. It is the ultimate sound-absorbing fan and completely raises the bar. 

A team of engineers have developed a new and novel solution to reduce the noise of the airflow. These fans have silent motors with double-balanced blades. The powerful aerodynamic optimised blades and guide vanes create fast, high-pressure airflow that can cause issues with noise. 

  • 150mm - 6"-764m3/hr
  • 200mm - 8"-1345m3/hr
  • 250mm -10"-2102m3/hr
  • 315mm - 10" 2224m3/hr


The housing incorporates a sound-reducing foam created especially for ventilation systems and does not absorb moisture or dust. The metal flanges are inserted into the housing with rubber grommets, forming a seal. The fan, flanges and silencing tube insert into a light, sturdy and moulded outer-body which deadens sound.