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Nano 10⁻⁹ Coco Base + A+B


Nano enhanced base nutrient for increased uptake in coco

nano.10-9 coco base+ A+B is the foundation of the range.

Made for coco growers of all levels, it’s easy to use with highly available elements.

This provides the perfect nutrition level throughout your plant’s life cycle when growing in coco. The nanoparticles in our coco base+ A+B allow young plants full access to hard-touptake metallic elements. As your plants use less energy making these elements available, they can focus on faster growth and increased strength.

Later in the flowering stages, the coco base+ A+B continues to provide highly available nutrients, which is helpful if you are using a lot of flowering additives.

The calcium nanoparticle in our coco base+ A+B is especially beneficial. Increased amounts of calcium during early-to-mid growth helps to build a more robust plant structure, while the nanoparticle size prevents the calcium interacting with other nutrients and causing lockouts.