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Hydrotops - Triple F




  • Developed by HydroTops to increase the yield of all flowering plants
  • Can be used with all types of growing media and feed systems
  • Triple F' works symbiotically to assist in nutrient uptake during this period of high demand

How does your garden grow?! Here’s how... increase your yield by up to 50% withHydroTops Triple F - Fully Formed Flowers. This has proven itself to be probably the best floral stimulation product available for both traditional soil-based and hydroponic growers.

After several years of development and testing, the finished product is now amazing gardeners around the world with its spectacular effects on flower yields and the overall health of plants.

This 100% organic floral stimulant keeps harsh chemicals out of the process too.

Triple F is based on the natural balance of microbes with your plants' root system - promoting a natural symbiosis that initiates an increased growth cycle and more flowers and fruit. In fact, this perfect synergy could boost yields by as much as 50%!

HydroTops Triple F – Fully Formed Flowers is an essential tool for all gardeners wanting bigger, brighter flowers with no chemical additives.