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GrowMax - Garden Grow 480L/h


2 Stage Water Filter System.

Designed for indoor and outdoor. Includes garden hose connections.

  • No waste water
  • No minimum pressure needed
  • No electricity needed
  • Easy installation, ready to use
  • Filtered water capacity:  27.000 litres
  • Flow 480 litres/hour

A water filter system – to eliminate chlorine.  These range from units that filter 240 L/h for house plants, flowers and other indoor and outdoor applications up to 2,000 L/h designed for large gardens, nurseries and other commercial uses. The systems use green coconut carbon block filters that have superior absorption capabilities. 

They remove up to 99% of chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic contaminants and reduce sediments down to 5 microns, immediately! 

Main features: No drain required. No wastewater. No minimum inlet water pressure needed.