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Canna Terra Professional Plus Soil Mix

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Canna Terra Professional Plus Soil

Canna Terra Professional has proven to be one of the finest soil mixes available. It consists of the highest quality peat moss and perlite, Canna Terra Professional Plus has a superb airy structure and delivers consistently high-quality results.

Canna, through constant product development, has been able to create Terra Professional the pinnacle in substrates for those who love to grow in soil.

  • Very high quality soil-mix for the very best results in soil growing
  • Highly popular and acclaimed by our customers
  • Provides an ideal, moist and airy rooting medium
  • Contains only the highest quality ingredients
  • Fully fertilised – no need to add nutrient for at least 2 weeks
  • Perfect for use with Canna Terra or BioCanna feeds
  • Allows very fast growth and a very healthy root system

Canna Terra Professional Plus contains top-quality peat, dolomite lime (for pH stability) and nitrogen-rich nutrients mixed forming an airy structure with excellent water retention and drainage, the NPK nutrient blend in Canna Terra Pro Plus will get plants through the first 4-5 weeks, ensuring fast growth and a robust root system.

Canna Terra Professional Plus mix by its very nature is a natural product and can be disposed of safely, it can also be used in compost or garden beds.

Canna Terra Professional Plus NPK – 12-14-24

Contains: peat, dolomite lime and NPK fertiliser

pH level: 6.0

EC level: 1.0

Canna Terra Professional Plus  Contains - 1 x 50L bag

 Delivered in a discreet bag packaging