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Tropic All Mix Soil x 50L


Tropic Allmix

Premium, organic potting soil pre-fertilized with organic nutrients. This ready-to-use soil blend is designed to mimic fertile outdoor soil, enriched with a balanced mix of natural ingredients including high-quality peat moss, limestone, and beneficial microorganisms.

The carefully selected ingredients work in tandem with beneficial microbes; bacteria and fungi break them down slowly and steadily, providing the nutrition needed to facilitate rapid, vibrant growth.

All Mix is the perfect choice for organic gardeners seeking to maximize their plant's quality and crop size.

Key Features:

  • Extreme Root Development
  • Pre Fertilised
  • Max Growth
  • 100% Organic
  • Naturally Sourced

PH 5,5 (5,0-6,0)

EC 1,0 (0,8-1,2) mS/CM



peatmoss medium 0.45 m3

black peat rhp 0.20 m3

perlite 1-6 mm 0.10 m3

browpeat mix 0.25 m3

dcm ecor-fos 1.00 kg/m3

dcm ecor 5 4.00 kg/m3

dcm micromix 0.30 kg/m3

dcm vivicol 1.00 kg/m3

limestone extra 4.30 kg/m3