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CarboAir 50mm Carbon Filters


CarboAir 50mm Carbon Filters

  • What is the CarboAir 50mm Carbon Filter?

Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter is an air carbon filter using the activated carbon in filtering the air in the grow room environment from any odors.

  • What is the use of the CarboAir 50mm Carbon Filter?

It is mainly used in filtering the air from odors and impurities.

  • How does CarboAir 50mm Carbon Filter work?

It captures the odor molecules in the air by letting the air pass through the large pores of the outer mesh of the filter and get trapped and absorbed by the carbon bed.

  • Why would I need CarboAir 50mm Carbon Filter?

One of the major downsides of growing indoors is the odors that the plants are giving off as it can make the indoor environment uncomfortable, and here is where the carbon filters come to the rescue as it filters the air from any odors or impurities.

Description and components

 • Originally designed with smaller grow rooms in mind.

• Quality approved by market leaders Systemair.

• Pre-filter provided to prevent dust from entering the filter.

• 55.5% open mesh for greater airflow.

• 50 mm Pure activated granular carbon bed tested in Europe to air ventilation standards.

• Machinery-packed carbon is further compressed with a thick foam collar.

• Highly porous carbon specially tailored for CarboAir.

• Galvanized steel filter casing.

• 2 years lifespan.

CarboAir Flow Rates

  • 4" 100mm/330mm CarboAir - 410m3/hr
  • 5" 125mm/330mm CarboAir - 480 m3/hr
  • 6" 150mm/330mm CarboAir - 600 m3/hr
  • 6" 150mm/660mm CarboAir - 1150 m3/hr
  • 8" 200mm/500mm CarboAir - 1000 m3/hr
  • 8" 200mm/660mm CarboAir - 1150 m3/hr
  • 10" 250mm/660mm CarboAir - 1650 m3/hr
  • 10" 250mm/1000mm CarboAir - 2500 m3/hr

How to install CarboAir 50mm Carbon Filter?

• Attach the filter to a matching extractor fan and make sure to connect the filter to the intake side of the fan.

• Put the pre-filter on to keep any large particles or dust out of the filter.

• Connect the fan to the ducting and install it in the designated place or window to carry the filtered air outside your grow space.

Built to Deal with Strong Strain

  • 50mm bed of virgin activated granular carbon
  • Filter mesh is 55.5% open giving best air flow
  • Kills grow room odours stone without restricting your fans power
  • Hand built to an incredibly high standard
  • Quality approved by market leaders Systemair
  • Pairs perfectly with High Flow Systemair Revolution fans
  • Machine washable pre-filter sleeve included and pre-fitted
  • Maintain high performance levels in the harshest of grow room conditions
  • Hand made in Europe
  • Guaranteed for 18 months

CarboAir 50mm Carbon filters have been designed and developed in the UK. Outstanding air flow coupled with a 50mm Carbon bed to give the best results we have seen from any filter to date.

These filters have been developed to deal with the stronger smelling new stains of plants that we see today. The 50mm Carbon bed provides air flowing through the filter with a longer contact time allowing for higher concentrations of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) to be removed. Simple really!

The CarboAir 50mm filters produce less resistance to airflow than its competitors this will allow extraction fans to work more efficiently. This step forward has been achieved due to the face that the filters use a highly porous coarser virgin activated carbon, which allows air to flow with less restriction even with the thicker bed.