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Canna Terra Seed Mix


Canna Terra Seed Mix

Canna Terra Seed mix is ideally suited for germinating seeds. It has a homogeneous, stable structure consisting of coco coir, white peat, black peat, sand and dolomite lime. It's lightly fertilised, just enough to use with cuttings and seedlings without causing burning.

Canna Terra Seed mix is also particularly suitable for use when rooting cuttings giving them a head start on the way to being strong young plants.

Specifically designed for use with Canna Terra and Canna Bio Nutrients.

Canna Terra Seed mix by its very nature is a natural product and can be disposed of safely, it can also be used in compost or garden beds.

Canna Terra Seed Mix Contains - 1 x 25L bag


 Delivered in a discreet bag packaging