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Canna Start


What is Canna Start?

Canna Start is a balanced one-part nutrient for seedlings and rooted cuttings. It can be used with various grow mediums like rock-wool plugs, coco pellets, jiffy plugs, seed mixes and most other grow mediums except recirculating systems and clone machines. It is developed and made in Holland by scientifically pioneering plant researchers after testing and research that lasted for years and trying every other plant nutrition in the market and choosing the best quality ingredients to stand out from the competition.

What is the use of Canna Start?

Canna Start gives the plant all the micro and macro nutritional elements for a seedling or a cutting to grow into a healthy strong plant. It is a perfect nutrient for seedling and cutting that has just started to show some roots especially the plants which have just been potted for the first time.

How does Canna Start work?

Canna Start is a complete one-part plant nutrient, which means that it contains all the elements required for a seedling to grow in one bottle, with no need for A and B parts.

Why would I need Canna Start?

Canna Start is your perfect plant nutrient providing a solution for overfeeding your seedlings. Seedlings and cuttings have a different need than grown plants and that is why a plant nutrient for the vegetative phase isn’t suitable for seedlings as it might cause overfeeding problems. Using a vegetative plant nutrient and diluting it to use with seedlings leads to nutrient deficiency because the diluted plant nutrient doesn’t contain enough elements that the seedlings need.

Description and components:

  • Suitable for growing from seeds.
  • Made and developed in Holland
  • Perfect for growers who take their cuttings.
  • Contains all the essential nutrients for the plants’ seedlings.

How to use Canna Start?

  • Canna Start comes in a high concentration and it has to be diluted.
  • Add Canna Start to the reservoir and mix well.
  • 40ml / 10 liter


Canna Start

All Canna products have gone through years of testing and updating to get them just right, the Dutch Giant is synonymous with high quality, great taste and heavy harvests.

his is Canna's one-part easy to use, balanced nutrient for seedlings and rooted cuttings. Canna Start can be used on any substrate. It will give you all the micro-and macro nutritional elements for a seedling or cutting to develop into a strong, healthy plant. A diluted nutrient specifically for very young plants!

When preparing your nutrient solution be careful not mix them together in their concentrated form.

Add each part of your nutrient schedule to your tank separately, mixing thoroughly before adding the next component to the mix.

Canna Start feed rate – 4ml /Litre in the early growth cycle.