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Canna Hydro Vega - HW A&B


What is Canna Hydro Vega-HW A&B?

Canna Hydro Vega-HW A&B is a complete plant’s nutrient suitable for growing in any inert grow medium in a run to waste system. It contains all the essential elements in one unique formula optimal for the vegetative phase. It is developed and made in Holland by scientifically pioneering plant researchers after testing and research that lasted for years and trying every other plant nutrition in the market and choosing the best quality ingredients to stand out from the competition.

What is the use of Canna Hydro Vega-HW A&B?

Canna Hydro Vega-HW A&B is to be used during the vegetative phase as it contains ingredients that ensure that the essential nutrients will be released by the substrate. These are the nutrients that the plant need to grow faster and stronger throughout its vegetative phase.

How does Canna Hydro Vega-HW A&B work?

Canna Hydro Vega-HW A&B Contains all of the essential elements for the plant’s vegetative phase. This will ensure that the plants grow stronger and faster using an inert grow medium in a run to waste system. When given to the plant the roots start absorbing the nutrient from the grow medium and spread it to every part of the plant. the plant starts growing using Nitrogen for cell growth and multiplication as well as Phosphorus and Calcium which supports the physical structure of the cells. The elements role does not stop here as the plant continues to use Nitrogen for generating chlorophyll and Potassium to elevate the water high in the plant reaching every part of it.

Why would I need Canna Hydro Vega-HW A&B?

Canna Hydro Vega-HW A&B are separated into parts A and B to increase stability and also to prevent any nutrient deficiencies in the plant. As it happens, if these two pats were merged they will not be absorbed by the plants and that is why they have to be given separately and mixed with nutrient solution one after another. Canna Hydro Vega-HW A&B can be used with any run to waste watering system.

Description and components:

  • Suitable for the vegetative phase.
  • Made and developed in Holland
  • To be used with any run to waste watering system
  • To be used with hard water.
  • Contains all the essential nutrients for the plant’s vegetative phase.

How to use Canna Hydro Vega-HW A&B?

  • Canna Hydro Vega-HW A&B comes in a high concentration and it has to be diluted.
  • Add Canna Hydro Vega-HW A to the reservoir and mix well and then add Canna Hydro Vega-HW B and then mix well and leave it for a few hours.
  • 40ml A and 40ml B/ 10 litre
  • Feed 1-3 times a day.
  • The drain should be between 10-20%
  • Flush with water every 1-2 weeks.


Canna Hydro Vega - HW

All Canna products have gone through years of testing and updating to get them just right, the Dutch Giant is synonymous with high quality, great taste and heavy harvests.

Canna Hydro Vega HW are the nutrient for either the grow or bloom cycle in systems in which the drainage water is not returned to the nutrient tank but drains away (Run-to-Waste/Open Hydroponic systems).

As the substrates used in run-to-waste systems are mostly inert, all the nutrients have to be in the nutrient solution. An excess of nutritional elements can lead to plant damage.

To prevent this from happening the nutrient should preferably be for your type of tap water. That’s why Canna developed a Hard and Soft water version of the Hydro nutrient line. This ensures the exact amount of nutrients will be delivered to the plants' root system. When preparing your nutrient solution be careful not to mix them together in their concentrated form.

Add each part of your nutrient schedule to your tank separately, mixing thoroughly before adding the next component to the mix.

Note - Sold as two-part A and B formula.

Canna Hydro Vega HW Parts A & B are to be used in conjunction and in equal amounts.

Using unequal amounts will produce a nutrient mix that is unbalanced, this will lead to your plants becoming nutrient deficient.

Canna Hydro Vega A&B HW feed rate – 4ml /Litre in the growth cycle.