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Canna Cannazym


What is Canna Cannazym?

Canna Cannazym is a high-quality enzyme product that accelerates the process of breaking down dead root material, encourages beneficial microorganisms and keeps the grow medium aerated. It also helps the plants take up nutrients and increase the resistance to diseases. It is developed and made in Holland by scientifically pioneering plant researchers after testing and research that lasted for years and trying every other plant nutrition in the market and choosing the best quality ingredients to stand out from the competition.

What is the use of Canna Cannazym?

Canna Cannazym targets the microscopic root hair found on the tips of a root zone turning the dead root material back to sources of nutrients for the plants like minerals and sugars which in turn become available at the exact place where they are needed for the plant roots to feed. It is also indispensable in case of reusing the grow medium for another growing cycle as it will break the dead root into beneficial nutrients for the plants, diseases will be prevented and oxygen levels will increase in the root environment within the growing medium.

How does Canna Cannazym work?

Canna Cannazym protects the root zone from harmful bacteria and fungi that cause diseases. As dead and decaying roots presents an ideal environment for the harmful pathogens jeopardizing the root development and plant growth. By breaking these dead and decaying root materials down the risk of diseases is reduced to its lowest.

Why would I need Canna Cannazym?

Canna Cannazym help keep the growing medium in an optimum condition by breaking down the dead roots and keeping pocket spaces for oxygen-rich air, which improves the efficacy of the beneficial bacteria and enhance the overall root system health.

Description and components:

  • Suitable for any grow medium or potting mix.
  • Made and developed in Holland
  • To be used during the whole plant’s life cycle starting week 2.

How to use Canna Cannazym?

  • Canna Cannazym comes in a high concentration and it has to be diluted.
  • 25ml / 10 liter.
  • When reusing the grow medium, double the dose for one month.
  • Don’t prepare the solution more than 4 days ahead.


Canna Cannazyme

All Canna products have gone through years of testing and tweaking to get them just right, the Dutch Giant is synonymous with high quality, great taste and heavy harvests.

Canna Cannazyme is a blend of enzymes, minerals and plant extracts that get to work in breaking down old, damaged and dead roots, turning them into building blocks that are available for the plant to re-use creating new growth. This process will help grow medium stay fresher for longer. Great if re-using grow mediums.

When preparing your nutrient solution be careful not to mix them in their concentrated form.

Add each part of your nutrient schedule to your tank separately, mixing thoroughly before adding the next component to the mix.

Note - Peroxide products (H2O2) should not be used at the same time. Peroxide will kill the living microorganisms in the Canna Cannazym.